Firms globally are learning how to UPGRADE partner performance

Firms globally are learning how to UPGRADE partner performance

I have just returned from two weeks of management workshops with accounting firms across South Africa. They are all in a similar situation to firms I know worldwide. Technology companies taking a firm grip and governments seeking to engage with efiling while at the same time reducing the so called red tape that has historically delivered so much compliance. Competition from firms who are all prepared to undercut. Problems getting clients to pay and so on.

My autumn UPGRADE workshops will show step by step what needs to be done to ensure that ‘the book’ has a happy and profitable ending – at least for you and your partners!

Accountants in South Africa who attended the UPGRADE courses included members of the Big 4 as well as other top 10 global firms. They all left excited, challenged and empowered to make the changes that discovered on this dynamic and power packed course.

Some realised they needed to stop spending time managing the firm –“I am doing too much admin,” one partner told all the attendees. But then he continued, “Having listened to Mark I now know what I have to do to really take my firm up a notch or two – I am so excited I can’t wait to get back to the office!” Another told the UPGRADE workshop, “Mark’s sketches and film breaks in between his comprehensive management training really helped to make this the best course I have EVER been on.”

And the South Africa Institute of Chartered Accountants who engaged me for two weeks said, “Mark, our members love listening to you – they find it challenging yes, but inspiring and informative. You will come back next year won’t you?!”

Nothing I teach is rocket science, but EVERYTHING you hear represents piece after piece of the jigsaw puzzle that when made up shows a picture of a healthy and profitable firm. One that is fun to work in. One that is great to manage. One that excels at client service and one that knows how to bill and collect what they are truly worth.

With holidays mostly over now is the time to give your firms a comprehensive management check up. You won’t be disappointed with the outcomes.

Lock up in excess of 15% – find out how to reduce it.

Clients telling you that your fees are too high? I’ll show you how to address in depth how to bill and collect and have your clients really happy with your fees.

Partners and staff not performing to optimum levels? We will look at a wide range of benchmarks to enable you to compare yourself with other firms.

Marketing not delivering great results? We will address a wide range of simple to implement strategies. Expect to hear some really neat ideas that really will deliver results,

Before attending my recent course in Cape Town one attendee said that she did not wish to register if my message was that working harder was the key. I replied that it was not about harder but working smarter and doing the right things not just doing things right. She attended and left the room after day 1 smiling and was the first to return on the second day.

I am confident that you will be similarly impressed – this UPGRADE course is a life changer and will enable you to spend two days working with your firm’s best client – your own practice. If you do not super manager your firm how can it better serve other clients?

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