How To Double Your Income Book




Are you concerned about how to manage your business so that it delivers sustainable and increasing profits? The ever-changing landscape regarding our core compliance services and the impact of technology and technology companies serve to provide an environment in which planning and profitability are at the forefront of many practitioners’ minds. Many firms are seeing their people costs steadily increasing year on year while clients remain as fee-resistant as ever. Consequently maintaining and increasing profitability is a challenge.

Today, for many, change is a challenge…but not changing is even more challenging.

My Double Your Income book and its 27 action packed chapters provide real world solutions addressing strategies that will result in increased profitability. But, not only will you benefit; your clients will also. You will discover wisdom and experience. This is win-win for clients, staff and firm owners.

Improving results will not happen by accident. With this insightful book to hand you will be better able to make a clear assessment of what needs to happen to ensure the business delivers ever increasing financial rewards. Implementation is key for these are not days to fail in effecting change. Be bold and intentional in working through your decisions.

Quick Overview

  • How to massively improve your job profitability
  • How one firm increased realisation from 65% to 85% in six months
  • Key ways to get more chargeable hours without more overtime
  • An essential future accounting firm model
  • Learn the lessons from the eight ladders of success and avoid the eight ladders of complacency
  • Learn how to massively eliminate time on jobs
  • Essential keys in strategic planning
  • Marketing – forward to some great basics
  • How to bill more for the same work
  • New twenty first century pricing strategies
  • How to increase your minimum tax return fees
  • How to increase profitability of serving existing clients
  • Six steps to increasing client loyalty
  • Effective strategies for gaining new clients
  • Key laser like metrics that will enable you to manage smarter – rather then harder

Here are just a few of the benefits from this

  • Increase your standard billing rates even in a challenging economic environment
  • Increase chargeable hours per staff member
  • Turn unprofitable clients into moneymakers
  • Reduce unplanned writedowns
  • Increase client demand for your non-compliance services
  • Learn how to be more effective in gaining new client engagements