Double Your Income Seminar Manual and CDs




Double Your Income is a 4CD system complete with a comprehensive 160+page manual.

Contents Include

  • How one firm increased realisation from 65% to 85% in six months
  • How one London-based firm increased profits by over 100% in less than a year
  • Key ways to get more chargeable hours without more overtime
  • An essential future accounting firm model
  • Learn the lessons from the eight ladders of success and avoid the eight ladders of complacency
  • Learn how to massively eliminate time on jobs
  • Essential keys in strategic planning
  • Marketing –forward to some great basics
  • How to bill more for the same work
  • New twenty first century pricing strategies
  • How to increase your minimum tax return fees
  • How to increase profitability of serving existing clients
  • Six steps to increasing client loyalty
  • Effective strategies for gaining new clients
  • Key laser like metrics that will enable you to manage smarter – rather then harder