Could you expand your core compliance services?

Could you expand your core compliance services?

It’s easy to think of compliance services as appertaining to just accounts, tax and audit. But the reality is that these are just the door openers. I recently identified over 30 core compliance services – does your firm deliver a full range of core compliance services?

If you look at this list and say ‘yes’ to any of them ask yourself how much you billed under each service heading during the last year. Or, is this just work that you have conducted along the way. Are you delivering extras for which you are not being paid? Perhaps more importantly, if you are not being paid does your client recognise the full value of your expertise. Or, maybe your advice was perhaps just thrown out for the client to consider?


Identify core client issue and introduce them to how you can help, the value they will derive and the investment in each service. It’s what everyone else does –why not you as the accountant.


It’s time to invest in your own management skillset.

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The 30 core compliance services every accountant can offer:

Advisory and planning
Audit and assurance
Accounting resources
Business advisory services
Business valuations
Business rescue
Cloud services
Computer forensics
Debt restructuring
Entrepreneurial services
Estate planning
Forensic accounting
Human resources
Internal controls
International tax
Independent reviews
Litigation support
Matrimonial reports
Mergers and acquisitions
Overhead cost reduction
Profitability enhancement
Payroll outsourcing
Small business services
Sourcing financing
Tax compliance – corporate and individuals
Tax consulting
Trusts and estates
Valuation services
VAT services
Wealth advisory