Are you a partner?

Partner Consulting

Partnerships face many challenges because we are all different, possess different skills and different work practices. Becoming a partner often requires a significant step-change. That may involve taking on additional firm management responsibility or achieving targets alongside your co owners. If there is one thing I have learnt while consulting with firm it is that partner performance varies and that achieving targets, whether it is new business or billable hours, is challenging. How I can help?

Retreat Presentation or Facilitation

Maybe one of my seminars might inject some focus and direction in key areas. Check out the seminars which I include in Seminars.

As Lead/Managing partner you may wish to have the meeting hosted and facilitated. This requires time to understand the issues to ensure that my facilitation is appropriate and sensitive to the participants.

Staff Retreat

Many firms have found the Improving Your Client Service to be beneficial. Others have found Partner, Manager and Senior Staff Training to be helpful. Typically these seminars last for most of the day and involve group discussions and team feedback. The result of these staff retreats is that owners and staff are together more focused and united in what needs to be done to improve the firm’s operations and results.

Partner Coaching

The two day Practice Management and Client Service Training is specifically designed to lead owners (and possibly managers) through an intensive day’s management and personal skills training. This is then followed by three months of implementation which ends with a day of feedback, interaction and further personal development training.

Tailored Service

The above provides an initial overview of some structured services. However, most of my work is uniquely tailored to a firm’s particular requirements. I meet with some clients quarterly and others six monthly. The key to this is, “How can I best serve you?” If I can deliver I will say, yes, but equally, if you need a service I cannot deliver, I will be sure to tell you!

Next step is yours