Consulting (coaching)

New – consult with Mark by Skype.

I prefer to call this coaching as I come alongside firm owners to help provide insights and strategies designed to identify the real problems and craft solutions that can be implemented and monitored for results.

The focus of my consulting is always on RESULTS.

My work encompasses working with firms in the area of solving problems and improving profitability. What that work encompasses will be agreed as we work together to achieve your goals and objectives.

Many firms find my Accountants Insight diagnostic tool to be an invaluable approach to analysing the firm in all areas and preparing a diagnostic framework for identifying which problems to solve first and how to address the problem solving.

All consultancies commence with the completion of a diagnostic questionnaire which I will provide once we have agreed the scope of the work to be undertaken.

Value for money

These consultancy programmes are all designed to deliver a return on the investment of at least three times the price of the consultancy.

Mark Lloydbottom’s consulting guarantee

We guarantee that if our clients are not satisfied with the quality and value of our consulting services we will happily accept a fee that equates to our clients’ perceived value of the engagement.