I have known Mark for a number of years having heard him lecture numerous times. His enthusiasm is boundless and his knowledge of the subject is second to none. He keeps things real and makes you think about ordinary things in a different way. When organising practice management type lectures for conferences, Mark is my “go to” man.

Barry Leibovitch, London, Chartered Accountants Chair

Mark is a great source of practical advice which he shares in a very relaxed manner. His insights will provoke thought and drive revenue and profits. It is always a pleasure to work with this thoroughly engaging and knowledgeable gentleman.

TD O’Neill, of TD O’Neill & Co, Cork, Ireland

I can’t say enough about how Mark has positively impacted my professional career. His insights, experience and teachings helped me transform my accounting practice that I subsequently sold at a great profit. I highly recommend jumping at the opportunity to learn from Mark.

Erik Solbakken, CPA, CA, Canada

Mark’s practical insights for accounting firms are clear, easy to follow and commercial. His knowledge and passion for the profession have long been self-evident. I know he means it when he says he wants to leave the profession better than he started in it. There’s no hype in Mark’s work and he has an easy to follow style that makes his advice compelling and easy to follow. I’m very happy to recommend his management training as being by far the very best.

Mark Lee, Mentor for accountants

I attended Mark Lloydbottom’s powerful course on improving income. Accountants tend to deliver their services in traditional ways overlooking what clients need to help them with their business. The internal actions required to deliver a better client service leading to improve income are logical and easy to implement once made aware with great clarity by Mark.

Malcolm Traviss of Traviss & Co, Liphook, Hampshire, UK

I have worked with Mark for over 15 years engaging with him as a consultant, mentor and sound friend. His advice is practical and straightforward. Listen and put in to action what he advises – those are the easy bits. Understanding the future of the profession and its direction – are the difficult bits. You will soon see that Mark has it spot on. Take note.

Robert Frith of Frith & Co, Surrey, UK

Mark is a captivating and wise mentor who singularly nudged our business back on the right path to reset us on the most appropriate foundation for a successful and thriving accounting practice. His intuition, experience, knowledge and network in this area is profound and his insight into the future of the accountant indispensable.

Candice Mullins of the Tax House, Grahamstown, South Africa

Mark Lloydbottom is unquestionably a globally recognised practice management expert for accountants. Over the last 25 years based on his unique insights as an accounting firm owner and his subsequent roles as an advisor and consultant to the profession, he has provided meaningful and transformative support to hundreds of accountants and their practices. Mark works from a place of integrity and honesty to create meaningful change in how we work and think. He helps firms develop the personal relationships that form the basis of our profession.

When Mark speaks accountants should listen.

Des O’Neill, Founder, OmniPro, Ireland

Mark’s curiosity, entrepreneurial insight and common sense approach to business has made him a powerful force in the management of public accounting firms all across the globe. He brings over 30 years of practical experience and keen observation to the profession, and hundreds – if not thousands – of firms have benefitted from his ideas. I’ve known Mark for most of his consulting career, have learned a tremendous amount from him and am proud to call him a friend.

Mike Platt, Inside Public Accounting, USA

Mark Lloydbottom is one of the most creative minds in the management and marketing of professional service firms. I have had the privilege of working with him for over 20 years and I learn something useful from every interaction. I endorse him whole-heartedly, unreservedly and enthusiastically.

David W. Cottle, Consultant and co-author of Clients 4Life

Wow – it seems like yesterday when I met Mark as he led a marketing retreat that I attended early in my career. From the start he inspired me with his depth of knowledge, cutting edge insight and positive energy. He continues to amaze me with his wisdom, creativity and love of the profession. I am proud to call him a role model, mentor and friend. Oh, how thankful I am for that chance meeting in Seattle 20 years ago!

Tracy Crevar Warren, The Crevar Group, USA and Switzerland

Having worked with Mark over many years, I know that his wise counsel is greatly appreciated by all who have been privileged to experience it. His unique style has enabled many to see that improvement is readily achievable.

Ken McManus, Assistant Director, Practice Support, ICAS

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants engaged Mark to lead a number of our annual Practice Management Conferences and a number of workshops on practice management. Mark’s enthusiastic, honest and insightful presentations were extremely well received by our members who rated his knowledge of the subject, presentation style and audience interaction a staggering 95 per cent! I believe that based purely on his seminar, firms could increase their net income per partner by 6 to15 per cent. It is always a pleasure working with Mark, and I recommend him to any practice, accounting association or Institute that is looking to hear a speaker who I can assure you will bring insight and wisdom to any conference.

Bridgitte Kriel, Project Director, Small and Medium Practices, South African Institute of Chartered Accountants

Mark has consulted with ABG and throughout this time gained the trust and respect of the partner group. His common sense and insightful approach combined with his passion and integrity have been of great value in helping us all focus on what to do to grow our firm.

Paul Berlyn, Managing Partner, ABG

Mark has been a trusted conference facilitator for CharterGroup who has over a number of years delivered seminars to our members both at conferences and in-house. His insights have always been deeply challenging and have contributed to our members being able to bring a Defining Edge into their understanding of how to better manage their firms.

Gary Corbett, Head of CharterGroup

Mark, I was amazed at your attention to us – to everyone! I saw how You have confirmed 1 of your theory point in your behaviour to us to be attentive with people or clients as you take care about your immediate relatives. I hope you have enjoyed our team and I saw your sparkle eyes! Because we were all together and I think you saw benefit from your work with us in some moments. I saw it by myself!   I saw several people who read your books in underground railway in Moscow but it was impressive how you explained important things in examples with elementary objects!!! And I sometimes unaware English understood what you mean!


Your time with us was so inspiriting with so many new ideas giving. Thank you. It is privilege to work with you.

Managing Partner with offices in ten European countries

Thank you once more for the inspiring day on last Saturday in Latvia. I hope that you and your wife had nice time in Riga.

Pekka Myallyla, Budapest

I wish I had heard this session before setting up my practice. I will apply many of your principles with colleagues in the company that I am currently working for.

Sarah Jenkins

What was most liked, was you as a lecturer, maybe you did not realise it, but the Latvians are people with low self-esteem, always thinking that the other has everything better, but they themselves do not appreciate the good that they already have. And you knew how to raise our self-confidence, saying that we are brilliant, that our people are already rich, with what we own, that we ourselves create our future. Many of your presentation had a great motivation to do something ‘out of the box.

Chairman of Latvian Conference

The presentation was amazing, and the breakout groups worked really well. The afternoon set the scene beautifully for this morning’s session which was a really usefully forum. We had to be dragged out for lunch without having completed the Agenda – always a good sign at a strategy meeting. I have no doubt that your thought provoking presentation was responsible for this morning’s success, so many thanks.

Michael Freedman

At the seminar Mark was more of a value; his methods of delivering information, collaboration with the audience. I would gladly listen to his seminar again.

Latvian conference delegate

Defining Edge comprises a lot of material which I found thought provoking and presented in a very lively and entertaining format (not something you usually associate with accountancy lectures!) It certainly prompted me to examine our recovery rates and has had some really significant effect in refocusing our efforts on giving great service.

David Tuck

The Defining Edge DVDs are excellent. They are so comprehensive and insightful. They have done me and my partner a power of good!

Michael Lerman

Mark, I want you to know I have received some excellent feedback from the above seminar and your Defining Edge notes are really comprehensive. I am really confident the outcomes from yesterday will make a real difference.

Keith HigginsDyke Yaxley

Mark’s work with Practice Track and PracticeWEB has given him a unique insight into the accountancy profession and this together with his constant studying of management methods and proven presentation skills makes him an invaluable source of instruction to our profession about what it means to be partner in our profession.

David Belbin, CBHC, LLP

Mark cares deeply about the profession, and it shows. As one of the founding fathers of the practice management era, Clients 4 Life and Defining Edge represent the culmination of a lifetime of research and learning. In my view they should be in every practitioners library because, while you may not agree with everything he says, you will find your own gems that will make a real difference to your client service, productivity, cashflow and profitability.

Steve PipeAVN

Mark has thought deeply and clearly about the principles of accounting firm success. This programme is a valuable addition to practice management.

Gordon Gilchrist2020 Group

Your presentation during the Annual Conference was fantastic. A big thank you. I have also purchased your books and DVDs which I am sure that I will learn even more from reading them.

Philippos Hadjizacharias(Cyprus)

I chose to attend your course yesterday at Scarborough and would like to congratulate you on your ability to provide first class entertainment on a Friday afternoon whilst at the same time being inspirational and sowing the seeds of ideas and thoughts.

Michael Green