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Committed To Empowering Accounting Firm Owners To Greater Success


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Product Description

UPGRADE: Advance your own practice management skills

A programme for ALL current AND future firm owners

Includes VAT, packing and carriage. Where outside the UK the VAT is not charged BUT this goes toward the higher shipping costs.

Please note: Additional copies (you are required to order one of the above in order to qualify for the lower costs of additional partner manuals (One per partner)



This is a comprehensive and intensive training programme for all firm owners and future partners. This programme is GUARANTEED to help you personally advance your success and effectiveness whatever stage you have attained in your professional career. UPGRADE is a one-on-one conversation with you and Mark who will guide you through the UPGRADE training through the DVDs and your own personal manual.

This is training of the highest standard and gives you the chance to join all those who have attended Mark’s two day UPGRADE training.

Mark has created UPGRADE to include EVERYTHING he has learnt about effective practice management development.

UPGRADE is a studio production with Mark training you personally – and so the audience is just you! That’s right, YOU.

How many copies are required?

We recommend that you provide each firm owner with their own personal copy. This copy will enable them to study at their own speed. Buy one ‘firm’ copy and you will not gain the MOMENTUM you can achieve by having all owners study at the same time.  That’s why the first copy is priced higher than follow on multiple copies – to help you achieve firm-wide success with this programme.

Full colour or black print?

Either full colour (recommended) or black and white copy throughout. You might save a small amount but full colour adds so much to the studying.


(Partial list)

  • The power of the TUBR and LUBRM firm models in identifying how performance can be improved
  • Managing your moments of truth and moments of magic
  • The cost of poor service and the potential value of outstanding service
  • Powering up your client meetings – VISIBILITY and how to achieve greater impact
  • Amazing innovation to simply exponentially improve your financial statements
  • Outstanding service case studies
  • Strategies for billing what you are worth
  • Downsize your lock up and how to REALLY make this happen
  • Getting better results from all your meetings
  • Improving staff management
  • The wisdom of the flying geese
  • Over 100 questions that will enable you to go deeper with clients
  • Widening your service portfolio – there is so much more scope for you to better serve clients
  • The four roles of management
  • The power of the organisational life cycle
  • Essential consulting insights
  • How to help clients increase their profits
  • Core marketing strategies
  • Relationship and reputation marketing
  • Personal marketing that delivers results
  • How to gain more appointments
  • IMPLEMENTATION and making it happen