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Delivering Outstanding Client Service DVD and course manual

Committed To Empowering Accounting Firm Owners To Greater Success




Product Description

Six 30 minute films and comprehensive staff training manuals. Each 30 minute film discusses key aspects of client service. At the end of each program there is a ‘Take Action’ form that is intended to capture the thoughts and ideas from your team. Take Action enables staff to capture the top three ideas and suggestions they heard, what they would like to do differently and their key recommendation. This still leaves you in control of firm decisions but heightens staff’s awareness of their role in delivering outstanding client service. Provide your staff with their own manual which we will send you at the same time as we despatch the program. You are now on your journey to not only improving client service but also unleashing the power of delivering additional services to your clients.


Sessions 1 and 2: Introduction

These two introductory sessions include a short film which highlights how change is now impacting the profession more than ever before. No longer is regulatory change the primary driver in firms rather Cloud technologies and the internet are changing the way we all communicate and do business.

These sessions look at your role as an adviser and expert – the two are very different, and why visible time is such a key component in delivering outstanding client service. We look, on the debit side, at the cost of poor service to the firm, and on the credit your potential from delivering more ‘extension’ services. We look at the lessons from the iceberg of time and the rear view mirror. How often do you meet with clients? The second session looks at the opportunity and the need to meet face-to-face.

Session 3: Moving up a gear or two

This session builds on the basics of the earlier sessions. Now we look more closely at what is outstanding service and how your clients view quality – very differently from how firms tend to look at quality. Mark discusses ways in which client meetings can be leveraged and the five key plans that all [business] clients should have. Key ways in which you develop your client relationship and value.

Session 4: What can we learn from others (Part 1)?

In this first of two sessions we look at the multi award winning Mitchell Group, one of the UK’s most successful independent car dealerships and Paddi Lund, a self styled crazy New Zealand dentist. You will view a 20 minute film which takes a look at the car dealership and the strategies they employ to maintain their leading edge service. The Take Action sheets will show how insightful everyone finds this session.

Session 5: What can we learn from others (Part 2)?

In this session we stay with our case studies and look at Ritz Carlton, one of the world’s leading hotel chains and Disney – who of course need no introduction. More ‘transferable’ lessons are on the way. This session ends with a look at what we regard as the biggest change in the presentation of accounts for more than 40 years. And all it takes is about 15-30 minutes!

Session 6: Questions and solutions

This final session provides strategies for opening up clients to your advisory capabilities. One-on-one sessions that enable you to explore client problems and needs. You are your client’s number one advisor and this session will help you and your team focus on how to go forward on your journey toward delivering outstanding client service. Finally we take a look at a number of key performance indicators including looking at a key way in which everyone can better manage timeliness of service.

View my introductory video as well as downloading a sample module