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Deeper: Advanced Practice Management Strategies

Committed To Empowering Accounting Firm Owners To Greater Success




Product Description


Based on Mark’s book this insightful training manual looks at the changes firms should make in order to continue succeeding in an ever-changing marketplace. While Cloud based-accounting and the internet opens up greater threats there are also significant opportunities. Are you positioning your firm to take advantage? This program comprises some very creative advanced practice management strategies that building on the content in Defining Edge.

Contents include:

  • The cost of poor service and the potential value of outstanding service
  • Outstanding service delivers a rich reward – a series of case studies including the 20 minute film ‘Business Excellence’ featuring an award-winning Lexus car dealer
  • Over a hundred questions that open up new service opportunities
  • Over 40 services that will expand your firm’s fee-generating capabilities
  • A powerful advance of the LUBRM model. Discover that your top line is not the top and bottom lines are not quite what they appear!
  • Essential client care KPIs
  • How to downsize your lock up to 15%. Step-by-step you will discover how easy it is. Your clients will highly rate this new approach.
  • New billing and collection strategies. Billing in arrears is no longer going to work.
  • Retreat to advance – the essential keys to setting time aside to manage your firm’s best client
  • The life giving power of words – discover a new sense of personal empowerment
  • Managing partner insights. Firm leaders – this section is for you and is packed with insights harnessed in over 25 years of attending management conferences worldwide.
  • Pearls of wisdom and insights from over 25 years of attending practice management conferences
  • Learn the lessons from the ‘Best of the Best’
  • Digital marketing: Bringing your practice into the 21st century
  • Bringing on your talent
  • Profit improvement in any economy
  • Negotiating skills for accountants
  • The research-proven steps to excellence