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CLARITY: One on One With Paul Dunn

Committed To Empowering Accounting Firm Owners To Greater Success


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Product Description

One on One with Paul Dunn: Training for accountants and their clients

Includes VAT, packing and carriage. Where outside the UK the VAT is not charged BUT this goes toward the higher shipping costs

All profits from this product and 100% of the licence fees are donated to B1G1.

Paul Dunn –The Wizard of WOW

No one has EVER impacted the accountancy profession like Paul Dunn. Accounting firms in the UK, USA and Australia have all been challenged and enlightened as to how to make a REAL difference with clients. Co-Founder of Boot Camp, a training and service delivery system that really did revolutionise many, many firms Paul brings our product range to life in a way that NO ONE else could. He really is the marketing guru behind the success of many ground breaking business ventures.

Paul is about turning normal into abnormal. The ordinary into the extraordinary.

Paul has been travelling around the world – speaking and inspiring hundreds of thousands of business people for over 30 years. He is also one of the founders of B1G1.

CLARITY is not only for you, it is for your clients. Why not buy the rights to make your own copies of the third DVD that features Paul talking one on one with your clients suggesting they engage with you to help them in their own business



DVDs 1 and 2

  • Getting clear on what you do and WHY you do it
  • Getting clear on what is REALLY important
  • Getting clear on PURPOSE
  • Taking SIGNIFICANT action on your clarity


DVD3 (for accountants AND their clients)

  • Being significantly connected – it is all there is
  • The Power of Small
  • The Power of Purpose